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Outside Lands

2015 Outside Lands


For 2014, Outside Lands, in partnership with artist and curator Jeben Berg and San Francisco’s very own Juxtapoz Magazine, is proud to announce our roster of talented visual artists creating your #OLOutsiderArt. These prolific artists and visual storytellers come from San Francisco and abroad bringing a diverse range of daily live painting, musical theater, art-performance, and installations. We will have some of our favorites from past years, as well as new artists including Aden Catalani, Grin, and Jesse Hernandez. Dennis Mcnett will be unveiling a new larger than life sculpture. The Mike Shine stage continues to grow and captivate with his Medicine Show Revival; Dr. Flotsam's Hell Brew Revue, with theatrics, visuals, and musical guest appearances.

This year includes a great schedule of daily live painting at the triangle on the Polo field from noon to 7pm each day.

Live Painting


Sam Flores + N8 Van Dyke, SIX, Ricky Watts + Sean Grin


Eos + Kango + Aden Catalani, Apex, Renos


Marcos LaFarga + Ken Davis, Satyr, Chez + Urban Aztec

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  • Jeben Berg @Jebenair
  • Joey Colombo @jdotcolombo
  • Mike Shine
  • Apex @apexer
  • Marcos LaFarga @MarcosLafarga
  • Ricky Watts @rickywatts
  • Dennis McNett @wolfbat
  • Eos Montana @ZaEos
  • Chez @chezgrizzly
  • Diet @timdiet
  • Sam Flores @samagram12
  • ken davis @coolhandken
  • Grin @GrinOne
  • David van Overeemd @klavical
  • Alan Gonzalez @Sir_AG
  • Jesse Hernandez @Urbanaztec
  • Andres Guerrero @coronadeoro
  • Pastime @lifeandtimes
  • Aden Catalani @ac2design
  • Brett Frizelle @kangokidunr
  • N8 Van Dyke @69N8vandyke
  • Renos @renosoner
  • Suzannah Snell @SnellYaLater1234
  • Juxtapoz Magazine @juxtapozmag #juxtapozmag
  • Satyr. @satronimus

Dr. Flotsam's
Hell Brew Revue

Artist Mike Shine’s sinister revival of the Faustian legend of Mephistopheles, aptly located in the forest of McLaren Pass. For centuries, Dr. Flotsam and his clan of Carny Bastards have travelled the world hawking their mysterious Hell Brew elixir (which is rumored to taste much like moonshine), trading laughs and performances for souls and dreams. A celebration of art, kickass roots music, and creepy carnival entertainment, the stage show has been praised by Rolling Stone, Juxtapoz Magazine and the SF Chronicle.


Beso Negro
Carny Bastards
Dustbowl Revival
El Radio Fantastique
Marty O'Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra
Slim Jenkins



12:00 Beso Negro
1:30 The Carny Bastards
2:30 Dustbowl Revival
4:00 El Radio Fantastique
5:30 Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra
7:00 The Carny Bastards
8:00 Slim Jenkins


12:00 Slim Jenkins
1:30 The Carny Bastards
2:30 Beso Negro
4:30 The Carny Bastards
5:30 Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra
7:00 The Carny Bastards
8:00 El Radio Fantastique


12:00 El Radio Fantastique
1:00 The Carny Bastards
2:00 Dustbowl Revival
3:00 Slim Jenkins
4:00 TriTipTrio
5:30 Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra
7:00 The Carny Bastards
8:00 Beso Negro