Neighborhood 311


Dear Golden Gate Park Neighbor,

We at Outside Lands care about Golden Gate Park and the surrounding communities. In our first 9 years, we’ve donated over $17 million to San Francisco’s Recreation & Park Department to maintain and preserve the most beautiful urban park in the country. We recognize our event has an impact on the neighborhood, and we work hard to mitigate the impact. In an effort to communicate as much information in advance as possible to you, consider this letter a planning tool in regards to the Festival.

Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly Presents, in association with San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department and the City of San Francisco are producing the 10th Annual Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park (Polo Field, Hellman Hollow, Marx & Lindley Meadows), taking place on Friday, August 11th - Sunday, August 13th, 2017.

Below is helpful information for the coming weeks in and around Golden Gate Park

Before the festival:
If you have any inquiries before the festival weekend begins related to road closures, site restrictions in Golden Gate Park or other general concerns, please send an email to

During the Festival - Community Hotline:
As we’ve done in past years, we will have a Community Hotline to respond to any issues that may affect you during the festival. The Outside Lands festival hotline will be available from 10:00am – 11:00PM on the festival days (Fri. 8/11 - Sun. 8/13). The hotline number is (415) 965-8001

Parking and Alternative Means of Transportation:
To help alleviate vehicle congestion in your neighborhood, we strongly encourage patrons to take alternative means of transportation to the festival, including MUNI, private shuttles, biking or walking.

We will have two dedicated tow trucks and one Parking Control Officer on each side of the Park to quickly respond to any blocked driveways or any other parking issues related to the Festival. SF Rec & Park has printed signs alerting attendees to not block driveways, which may be obtained at the front desk of McLaren Lodge at 501 Stanyan St. If you need to have a vehicle towed, please call the MTA directly at 415-553-1237 or 415-553-1200.

Uber & Lyft:
We are working with SFMTA and SFPD to improve upon the Uber/Lyft plan we put in place in 2016 to better control traffic in the area. Lyft and Uber drivers are being directed to an officially designated drop off and pick up point at Washington High School, located at 30th Ave. & Balboa St.

Park Access:
To ensure safety and security of both the public and working crews, please be aware that the following park locations will close and reopen on the dates and times listed below:
Polo Field Complex: Mon. 7/31, 12:01am – Fri. 8/18, 11:59pm
Middle Drive Between MLK to Polo Field to Overlook: Mon. 7/31, 12:01am – Fri. 8/18, 11:59pm
Access to Polo Field via Little Speedway Meadow Bike Path: Mon. 7/31 ,12:01am – Fri. 8/18, 11:59pm
McLaren Path: Tue. 8/1, 12:01am – Wed. 8/16, 11:59pm
Hellman Hollow: Sat. 8/5, 7pm – Wed. 8/16, 11:59pm
Lindley Meadow: Sun. 8/6, 7pm – Tue. 8/15, 11:59pm
Little Speedway Meadow: Mon. 8/7, 12:01am - Thu. 8/17, 11:59pm
Marx Meadow: Wed. 8/2, 12:01am - Fri. 8/4 at 11:59pm AND Mon. 8/7, 12:01am – Wed. 8/16, 11:59pm

Other Park Areas:
* Lloyd Lake, Metson Lake, Spreckels Lake and the Dog Run will be closed to vehicles Fri. 8/11 - Fri. 8/13.
* JFK Dr. between Transverse Dr. and 36th Ave will be closed to non-ticket holder pedestrian traffic Fri. 8/11 - Fri. 8/13.

NEW IN 2017 — JFK SAFETY For the safety of pedestrians and bicycles, JFK between Transverse and 36th Ave. will be closed to vehicle traffic from 9am – 4pm Mon. 8/7 – Thu. 8/10, Mon. 8/14 and Tue. 8/15. During that time, a bike lane will be created and speed warning signs will be posted.

Road Closures: We would like to make you aware of the following road closures due to the event, so that you may plan accordingly. The following entrances will be closed to the public from Thu. 8/10 at 8:00pm through Sunday, Aug 13th at 11:00pm:

<div class="row center-sm center-xs start-md start-lg">
  <div class="col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">
    <h4>On North side of the park:</h4>
      <li>Transverse Dr at Crossover Dr</li>
      <li>JFK Dr at Transverse Dr</li>
      <li>30th Ave at Fulton St</li>
      <li>36th Ave at Fulton St</li>
      <li>43rd Ave (Chain of Lakes) at Fulton St</li>
      <li>47th Ave at Fulton St</li>
      <li>JFK Dr at the Great Highway</li>
  <div class="col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">
    <h4>On South side of the park:</h4>
      <li>Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Crossover Dr</li>
      <li>Middle Drive West between MLK Dr &amp; Transverse Dr</li>
      <li>25th Ave</li>
      <li>41st Ave (Chain of Lakes) at Lincoln Ave</li>
      <li>Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Lincoln Ave (La Playa St)</li>
      <li>Sunset Blvd at Irving St</li>

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  <div class="col-lg-12 col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">
    <p class="tc">
    For the most up-to-date info on Outside Lands as it pertains to you, please go to: <a href="/the-park/neighborhood#311"></a>.

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    Para información en español acerca de la Outside Lands Music &amp; Arts Festival, por favor vaya a: <a href="/neighborhood-311-spanish"></a>.

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