Surprise, Bob Moses is not a person! In fact, it’s the moniker for the alt-dance duo of Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie who named themselves after NY royalty Robert Moses, the planner behind Shea Stadium and the BQE.

The duo put out their first tunes in 2012, after reuniting in a Lowe’s hardware store parking lot and starting to record together in an apartment. The combination of Howie’s rock influence and Vallance’s interest in trance was pivotal in creating their trademark sound. They got started in the Brooklyn underground loft party scene, and are now making their way to the OL big-time.

2015’s “Tearing Me Up” from their debut record Days Gone By saw them catapult to national attention with grammy ones for best dance recording and remixed recording, winning the latter for their collaboration with RAC. They even appeared on Ellen!

In 2018, they released their newest record Battle Lines, which continues their trend of dance-floor ambiance and lyrical depth that no-doubt translates into a live show that will appeal to everyone from club goers to rock fans.