Outside Lands has always been dedicated to supporting the community at large. We have taken the past few weeks to reflect and examine ways we can do things better – to make us more of a force for inclusion and equality. The first step is making a donation to these 8 organizations we’ve highlighted, many of which are part of local Bay Area initiatives supporting the Black and LGBTQ community. We’ll be sharing more information on concrete items that we are activating in the coming months – we want to do better, we can all do better.

Black Lives Matter

Chapter 510

“A made-in-Oakland youth writing & publishing center. Our teaching artists and volunteers work side-by-side with educators to provide a safe space and supportive community for young people ages 6-18 to bravely write. Our vision is that every young person in Oakland learns to write with confidence and joy.”

East Oakland Collective

“A member-based community organizing group invested in serving the communities of deep East Oakland by working towards racial and economic equity. With programming in civic engagement and leadership, economic empowerment and homeless services and solutions, we help amplify underserved communities from the ground up.”

Equal Justice Society

“A national legal organization that aims to broaden conceptions of discrimination to include unconscious and structural bias. EJS targets its advocacy efforts on school discipline, special education, the school-to-prison pipeline, race-conscious remedies, and inequities in the criminal justice system.”


“A national research and action institute advancing racial and economic equity and advocates for groundbreaking policy changes that enable everyone, especially people of color, to be economically secure, live in healthy communities of opportunity, and benefit from a just society.”

Queer Cultural Center

“Queer Cultural Center promotes social justice and the artistic and financial development of queer art and culture. With a focus on the Bay Area’s queer arts community, Qcc seeks to achieve national visibility and recognition by employing the arts to advance cultural equity and social justice. We believe that community building is key to social change and that we can envision this change through the arts.”

The Roots Community Health Center

“Founded in Oakland, California, [our mission] is to uplift those impacted by systemic inequities and poverty. We accomplish this through medical and behavioral health care, health navigation, workforce enterprises, housing, outreach, and advocacy.”

The Transgender District

“[Our] mission is to create an urban environment that fosters the rich history, culture, legacy, and empowerment of transgender people and its deep roots in the southeastern Tenderloin neighborhood. The transgender district aims to stabilize and economically empower the transgender community through ownership of homes, businesses, historic and cultural sites, and safe community spaces.”


“Our mission is to transform East Oakland into a healthy and economically robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them. YU is a neighborhood hub offering young people services and programs to increase physical and mental wellbeing, community connection, educational attainment, and career achievement among youth members.”