Last year, Outside Lands made history by transforming the area South of the Polo Field (SoPo, for those in the know) into Grass Lands, the first curated cannabis experience at a major American music festival. A meeting of the most innovative minds in the Bay Area cannabis community, it’s the perfect place to celebrate statewide marijuana legalization and educate people on how it can be a part of their daily lives.

In 2018, Grass Lands was essentially the coolest town square imaginable - one where you could smell a variety of botanical terpenes, snack on fresh-baked treats, and learn about all things cannabis-related from your friendly neighborhood budtenders. To let Outside Lands co-producer Rick Farman explain it, “Much the way that Wine Lands celebrates Napa and Sonoma as the leaders in U.S. wine production, Grass Lands will shine a light on the area’s importance as pioneers in the cannabis world.”

If you were feeling creative, you could even try your hand at carving a smoking device out of locally-sourced produce in the daily “Farm to Bong” competition. Cate Powers of Flow Kana said “We had been looking for ways to highlight that our ecosystem of farmers grow more than cannabis on their farms, so this was really fun and perfect.”

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