Since the beginning, Outside Lands has promoted environmental awareness and made a difference wherever we can, consistently improving year after year. In 2018, we did our part by, going plastic straw-free, introducing more reusable containers and diverting a record 92% of our waste from landfills.

Where did it all go? In total, we created 64 tons of compost and recycled or reused 110 tons of festival waste - including 1.25 tons of food donated to Food Runners! We’ll be highlighting those efforts all week long, but keep reading to learn more about how out how you can get involved at this year’s festival.

Located in Hellman Hollow near the Panhandle Stage, Eco Lands embodies the spirit of consciousness, community and sustainability that are at our core. It’s a place where you can discover great nonprofit organizations, learn more about the importance of locally-sourced flowers in Flower Lands and support family farms with healthy snacks at the Farmers Market.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work, making a difference in your daily life or volunteering at this year’s festival, check out this week’s interviews with Clean Vibes co-owner Anna Borofsky and Morgan Fitzgibbons, our Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement!