If you’re into our new look this year, we’ve got someone you need to meet. Vicki Turner is the artist, designer, and illustrator behind this year’s artwork. Just like us, she’s constantly drawing inspiration from the natural world, bringing her passion to life in simple, beautiful creative work.

We caught up with Vicki for a conversation about working on Outside Lands, other creatives you should know and the art that keeps her inspired.

OL: What did you enjoy the most about working on Outside Lands?

VT: Well, without sounding too sappy, team Outside Lands. It was great to collaborate with such a positive and creative team. Despite our distance, I could feel the collective excitement in the air as ideas and illustrations started building.

OL: Which Outside Lands 2019 illustration is your favorite?

VT: Well, it might be my tropical peace birds, which were interpreted as ‘dirty pigeons’ - Thank goodness for the heads-up! They got a makeover to become beloved SF seagulls. Do you listen to music while you work? I do. My most recent playlist is positively charged, so it’s a mix of Maribou State, Amy Shark and Bibio.

OL: What is it about nature that inspires you?

VT: Everything, yet it not only inspires me, it sparks the senses. My energy levels peak and my smile grows bigger once I’m in the ocean. Not to imply that I’m majestically dancing on the waves, I’m just a happy mess with a board.

OL: What drives your creativity?

VT: Curiosity and possibly a slightly rebellious spirit. I find myself asking ‘Why?’ a lot to try and find clarity amongst the chaos. What’s your most commonly used tool for illustration? It’s a mix, iPad Pro with Procreate for sketches and illustrator and Photoshop for finals. Your work typically tends to veer towards the abstract.

OL: What inspires that?

VT: I’m unsure, but I remember as a child I played games with the world that surrounded me. Seeing overheard conversations as colours and shapes vibrating off one another and grouping prominent overheard words into odd or even, based on the amount of letters. I know, strange. Yet I haven’t outgrown that desire to visually simplify my experiences, whilst maintaining a sense of colour, emotions, atmospheres, sounds and light. This is becoming more prominent in my personal work, yet seeps into client projects too.

OL: Who are three visual artists the world needs to know?

VT: Samuel Bassett, Stephen Smith and the late Margaret Kilgallen.

OL: Who are three musicians the world needs to know?

VT: “Wren Tales” by Bibio, “Natural Blue” by Julie Byrne and “6/10” by Dodie

Check out more of her work here and follow her on Instagram @vickiturnerstudio.